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At some point, you’ve asked the age-old question: Do hats make you bald? Many people claim this is a myth. But the fact is, wearing a hat can contribute to male pattern baldness in certain circumstances.

So before you dismiss the idea that “hats cause baldness” as a myth, it is important to understand some basic facts and science.

If you’re sporting a thick head of hair that makes other men in the room jealous, a hat may not interfere with your awesome hair. But if you’re in the midst of the onset of male pattern baldness, the results may be much different.

When you are already balding, hats can accelerate the balding process. This can happen in a number of ways.

So, let’s explore how hats can make you go bald.

Do Hats Make You Go Bald?

Let’s examine four ways that wearing a hat can cause baldness.

Hats Cause Poor Scalp Circulation

It’s a myth, they say.

Hats can’t make you go bald, they say.

Well, they don’t all say that.

Let’s talk about the science of hair loss here. A Cleveland Clinic dermatologist named Dr. John Anthony thinks that wearing hats can, indeed, result in baldness (source). He believes that a tight hat decreases blood flow. A decrease in blood flow to the scalp, according to him, damages hair follicles. When this happens, hair follicles fall out.

When hair falls out, we call that balding. The connection made by Dr. Anthony certainly makes a case that hats cause stress to hair follicles.

Hats Can Remove Hair From Scalp

If you’re balding, you cherish the hair you have left. Hats can exacerbate the thinning process by pulling those hairs out. Your hat, as it turns out, culls weak, fragile hair follicles. This results in faster balding.

If your hair is on the brink of starting to fall out in earnest, your trusty hat may speed up balding.

Hats Cause Baldness Through Follicle Damage

The only way to wear a hat is to put it on. Likewise, it will need to be removed at some point during the day, or at several points throughout the day. This can lead to damaged, broken hair follicles. Removing a hat on a frequent basis can cause hair follicles to split off. This will contribute to your hair thinning.

Hats Smash Your Hair

You’ve heard the term “hat head,” haven’t you? It describes the condition hair is left in after a hat mashes it down. The longer you wear a hat, the more it flattens out your hair. This can cause your hair to appear thinner.

If you are going bald, try wearing hats less and you’ll likely notice an increase in the apparent thickness of your hair.


Hats do, indeed, contribute to balding. As we examined above, hats can reduce scalp circulation and rip hair from the head. If balding is a concern, wearing a hat may not be the best move. But hats certainly aren’t the sole cause of hair loss. Physiology and genetics are major factors.

There are obvious benefits to wearing a hat, for example, protecting the scalp from sun damage.

If you love hats, choose ones that aren’t too tight. This can promote healthy scalp circulation and prevent a hat from pulling hair out when you remove it. A well-fitting hat is also more comfortable and less likely to lead to headaches.

If you want to prevent balding, we can help. Contact our office today. Let’s begin your journey to a thick, full head of hair.



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