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Starks, a hair restoration services and aesthetic medicine premier global destination, offers a variety of baldness cure procedures that painless and efficient. For example, Starks’ FUE graft procedure yields impactful, powerful results that help both men and women regain their self-esteem.

However, today, let’s focus on the future of baldness cures. Today, the scientific community is diligently working towards science-based hair regeneration solutions. Through the use of embryonic stem cells, scientists hope to discover an end to alopecia as a general condition.

State of existing balding solutions

There are several viable hair restoration solutions available these days. For example, the popular drug Minoxidil, which is a lotion applied to the balding areas of the scalp, can sometimes help regrow hair. Additionally, Finasteride is a drug used to modify hormonal signals that prompt balding.

The problem with such pharmaceutical solutions, however, is side-effects. Behavioral changes, heart attacks, and depression are often associated side-effects of both aforementioned pharmaceutical solutions.

Hair transplants are considered the premier, most reliable method of hair restoration. There is a future in hair cloning, but the science isn’t there yet.

Leveraging regenerative medicine as a treatment for hair loss

Scientists from Sanford Medical Institute have completed a research program focused on the creation of hair follicles from human stem cells. The landmark research program has given hope to men and women suffering from alopecia worldwide.

The research used stem cells to multiply as hair follicles on a mass level.

Researchers examined the life-cycle of hair follicles growing out of the scalp. Stem cells were then duplicated and grown in vitro.

This is a major scientific breakthrough in the field of hair loss cures. The bad news is, we are likely a few years away from this science being a realistic and viable solution for hair loss.


It’s unlikely that regenerative hair loss medicine will be available to the public anytime soon. Even when it does become available, the initial costs of the procedure might price almost everyone out of the market.

As it stands, hair transplants, such as the ones offered by Starks, remain the most effective solution for balding.



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