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Hello, and welcome back to Starks, today we are talking about a procedure called capillary mesotherapy, which can restore strength and vigor to hair, and is used to support a hair transplant to improve its effectiveness.

Capillary mesotherapy is a medical treatment in all respects. For true effectiveness, this procedure requires a diagnosis, an assessment of the feasibility and success of the treatment, and the informed choice of drug to be injected. The process must be continuously monitored at every phase: from diagnosis to administration to definitive recovery.  

Get to Know Your Hair

It is always essential to rely on an expert’s opinion, so before experimenting with pills, vials, or other do-it-yourself remedies, it is good to have feedback from a professional who will direct you to the most suitable therapy.  It is possible to determine if the hair lost is actually at the end of its life cycle or if it has been inadvertently pulled out.  By passing a hand over a scalp that has not been washed for a few days, it is possible to collect all those hairs that have detached from their original position over time. By analyzing the hair bulb, it is possible to understand if the hairs are dead or if they have been accidentally torn or broken.

If the hair bulb is white, this is a dead hair, and most likely it will be replaced by a new root, and, therefore, by a new hair. If the bulb appears dark in color and is wrapped in a translucent membrane, it means that the hair is alive and was torn as a result of a strong pull. Usually, hair has good stress resistance. Each hair can hold a weight of about 50 grams, and 100,000 hairs can hold about 5000 kilos. Hair resistance can be severely tested by many external factors, one of them being the application of oxidizing alkaline substances that denature the hair shaft itself (like a perm).    

If you have noticed a substantial thinning of your hair, if it is subject to stress sources, if you frequently get your hair dyed or permed, or apply cosmetic products for styling, you might be a good candidate for capillary mesotherapy. 


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